Kayla Kares, Inc.
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About Us
Kayla Kares, Inc. was created because Kayla had eye surgery when she was seven.  She was nervous, but strong.  She was a very brave child.  She received flowers and a very special stuffed animal, gifts which she will never forget.  Kayla recovered just as her doctor hoped.
About six months after Kayla's surgery, the friend who gave her the stuffed animal was going through surgery as well but for something different.  When Kayla was asked to make a get well card for her friend she said, "Oh no mom, she needs a stuffed animal to make her feel safe and loved." 
Kayla went straight to her piggy bank and was so enthusiastic about going to the store with her own money.  She bought the softest and cutest monkey for her friend. 
The stuffed animal was shipped the next day.  Kayla found out the stuffed animal helped her friend get through surgery and recovery.  Kayla decided she wanted to provide every child, going through the same surgery she went through, with a stuffed animal.
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